Associated Resources

This feature allows you to group battery sets and equipment with RPA. This streamlines planning, execution, and reconciliation by only showing relevant resources.

The associated resources feature is particularly useful when equipment is located at various sites or offices.

Associating items in this way adds convenience in the missing execution stage (field app) as the associated batteries and equipment will appear at the top of their respective lists for easy selection.

Associate Resources to your RPA

Resource Selection (in field)

Associate Resources to your RPA

Associations are created from the RPA view.

  • From the Manage dashboard, click on the RPA you wish to associate with
  • Click 'Associated Resources'
  • Use the dropdown selector in each section (equipment / battery sets) to locate the item you wish to associate.
  • Click Add to associate it with the current RPA.


Resource Selection (in field)

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In the field app, your associated equipment will be displayed at the top of the menus, in it's own section. This simplifies the in-field process and avoids the pilot having to dig through the menu to find the correct item/s.


  • Associated battery sets appear at the top of the list
  • Other battery sets are still available for selection,  but will appear lower in the list.