Customizing FlyFreely's Operations Manual Templates

FlyFreely has created a templated version of the CASA operations manual and operational procedures (library) documentation to assist clients with updating their manuals.

For customers currently utilizing the standard CASA templates, you can download a copy of our FlyFreely versions here.

For those using a customized manual - we're working on a highlighted version to allow you to easily pull the relevant sections from our template to insert into your documents. You can download a copy here.

The following instructions relate to the use of FlyFreely's templates.

Before updating your manuals, it's important to read and understand the contents, and check that the procedures detailed actually match your organization's procedures. This is the duty of the organization's Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) for flight operations and administration, and the Maintenance Controller for all maintenance procedures.

Updating the Documents

Operations Manual

Perform a 'find and replace' in the document for items in square brackets and replace it with your details.

[Company Name]
[Revision Date]
[Revision Number]

[CRPName], [MCName], [CEOName] (These appear together in the 'Nominated Personnel' section, along with ARN's for each person)
[TBA] (Date the CRP was approved by CASA)

You'll also need to update/populate the following sections:

  • Schedule 1 - RPAS Operating Types and serial numbers
  • 0.4 - Revision Log

You can generate a schedule 1 from the FlyFreely Office App. See our article for more information on this.


Operational Procedures Library

Perform a 'find and replace' in the document for items in square brackets and replace it with your details.

[Company Name]


You'll also need to enter your RPA types into section 2. We recommend copying section 2.1 for each RPA  type and labelling it according to the type.

Once all changes have been made, you'll need to update section 0.4 - Revision log, before submitting the document to CASA.

Submitting Changes to CASA

When you're happy with your manuals, you can submit the update to CASA via an email to

You'll receive an auto-reply confirming receipt of your email. You should later receive an email from CASA stating that your new manuals have been accepted.

It is important to submit your updated manuals promptly when migrating to FlyFreely. In the event of a CASA audit, your processes will be judged against the version of your manuals held in CASA's records. If this manual references old procedures, your electronic records won't be considered correct. 

(Please note that if you make changes other than those outlined in this article, your manuals may be subject to further review by CASA. FlyFreely are unable to assist with such reviews).

Updating your manuals in FlyFreely

On acceptance of your new manuals, you should update them in the FlyFreely platform. 

To do this, follow the procedures below:

  • From the profile menu, select Organization Admin.
  • Click the Authorities tab, and locate your ReOC authority.
  • Click EDIT
  • Update each document using the button shown below. This creates a new version of the document in the system, and will trigger a compliance declaration for each remote pilot listed on the authority.