FlyFreely field app beta version

You can try out new field app features via the beta version (Android)


Alongside the regular (production) version of the FlyFreely platform, we run a Beta version which is accessible to the public. This version of the software is available on Android devices only.

Anyone can join the Beta program and get access to the latest features before they get released onto the production version of the app. Joining the Beta program gives you the opportunity to try out upcoming features and provide feedback to the team – helping to steer the development of the app to better fit customer needs.

Note: While we make every attempt to iron out any potential bugs prior to releasing a Beta version, it is likely that some features will occasionally not work as expected, and may not be in their final ‘production-ready’ version. Customers can also leave the Beta program at any time and go back onto the latest production release.

Installing the Field App Beta

To install the beta version, open Google Play store and visit the FlyFreely Field App page. Scrolling down the page you’ll see an option to join the beta program. Once you’ve opted in to the program, there will be a short waiting period while your account is prepared.



Once this has been completed, you will have the option to update to the latest version. Updating works exactly like normal except that Beta versions will be included as available app updates.

Giving Feedback

Please submit any feedback on the app via email to and specify that you’re using the beta version. We value any feedback and idea for improvements will be considered for future releases.