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Mission planning in the FlyFreely field app

Planning a simple mission? You may be able to do it all from your mobile device.


Planning Basic Missions

The FlyFreely Field App (FA) allows Remote Pilots to quickly plan basic missions on their mobile device. This is ideal for last minute 'in field' planning and execution. For more complex missions and mission that require approval please use the Office App (instructions on mission planning in the Office App are here).

You can only use the field app to plan mission which don't require an approval. If you don't have a non-approval workflow set up in your organisation, this functionality will be unavailable.

To start planning your mission, open the Field App and make sure you are working in the correct organisation. Tap the New Mission button to begin.


The next screen is Mission Details, where you'll input the essential details of your mission, including operation type and workflow, RPA/s and remote pilot details. The map will record your current location, which will be used as the mission location.

Please note that this area of the Field App does not include the full features of the Office App and isn't intended as a replacement.



Once you've completed your mission details, tap Start Mission to move save and move to the next stage of the mission, in which you will validate your Job Safety Assessment, complete any pre-flight checklists and conduct your flight/s. Click here for instructions on completing your mission in the field app.