Workflow Steps - Quick Reference

Workflows are comprised of forms organised into the following steps:

Workflow Step

Displayed in

Example Usage


Mission Planning Office App / Field App Complete documentation and mission detail. Eg. Safety & Feasibility assessments, Approvals, Resourcing etc. Field app offers basic mission planning for mission not requiring approval.
Pre Departure Field App Equipment checks undertaken prior to arriving on site. Eg inspections, battery charging, packing.  
Pre Mission Field App On site checks related to location, validation of safety assessment, RPA assembly and equipment checks. Forms in this step only appear once per mission, prior to the first pre-flight.
Pre Flight Field App Pre flight checklist These forms appear prior to every timed flight (ie every battery change)
Flying Field App Access to emergency / in flight procedures. Not recommended for single-crew missions.
Post Flight  Field App Post Flight Checklist These forms appear after every timed flight (ie every battery change)
Post Mission Field App Checks undertaken after the last flight Eg disassembly, packing, overall equipment condition. Forms in this step only appear once per mission, after the last post-flight.

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