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What improvements, and defect fixes have been released for the FlyFreely Office App and Field App

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Office App

17 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Show the expiry date of a required authority in the register view

16 Mar 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug preventing new maintenance activities from being saved and submitted due to end time always being invalid.

13 Mar 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix The mission editor airspace checker will now use the correct mission time instead of the current system time.

10 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Added support for saving corridors in location templates. You can now create and load new location templates that include corridors. Please note that existing location templates with corridors still may not load correctly and may need to be re-drawn.

✨Improvement The workflow list in the organisation admin panel will now display an inactive status for inactive workflows.

🛠️ Defect Fix Various issues with airspace including the airspace checker not working in all screens and the airspace authorisation screen layout have been resolved.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug where saved times were being overridden to current system time on load. This was most noticeable in the mission editor and mission reconciliation screens.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug where an "Operation Forbidden" error would show for some organisation administrators when opening the organisation administrator panel.

6 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Battery assignment when importing flight logs should now happen automatically more often.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix layout overflow issues in the profile settings API keys tab.

2 Mar 2023

✨Improvement When you assign an RPA to a flight log there are now search and filter options for the RPA list table.

🛠️ Defect Fix Archived authorities will no longer show up in the Resource Maintenance panel.

🛠️ Defect Fix Pilot logs have been restored and will now only show flights appropriate to the current organisation.

27 Feb 2023

✨Improvement Organisation administrators are now able to edit and upgrade the organisation subscription from the organisation admin panel.

✨Improvement If you're applying for New Zealand airspace authorisation for a mission with multiple flight areas you will now be able to select which flight area to use in the authorisation application in the application panel.

✨Improvement We've redesigned the personnel list widget to improve its usability and make it easier to change between personnel lists

✨Improvement You can now generate mission reports for only certain authorities and generate reports for shared authorities by changing the selected authority in the mission list widget.

17 Feb 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix KML uploads failing on certain operating systems and browsers.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix flight history uploader not allowing entries with fixed wing RPA models.

31 Jan 2023

✨Improvement Organisation administrators can now download a CSV report of the entire personnel list from the personnel widget.

🛠️ Defect Fix It is no longer possible to send blank messages in the Approval Comms section of the mission window for missions with approvals

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix missing flight notes and objective fields in the flight documentation dialogue in the mission details screen

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix pilot sub roles persisting after removing the pilot role. When removing/deselecting the "Remote Pilot" role from a person, the relative pilot sub-roles will now also be removed/deselected.

19 Jan 2023

✨Improvement You can now share your subscription and licences with a child organisation. This feature is only available to organisations that have resource sharing enabled. This works similarly to sharing authorities and RPA and allows you to specify and manage the amount of your subscription licences to share.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix horizontal scrolling bug & general layout of Resource Management tab in Organisation Admin

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix new mission not appearing in the mission list on the main page after being created in cases where the mission list was empty

17 Jan 2023

✨Improvement You can now specify the default RPA workflow for an RPA category (multi-rotor, helicopter, etc)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix importing answers from a CSV into a repeating form section

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix sending a notification to users when an attachment requiring acknowledgement is updated on an authority

20 Dec 2022

✨Improvement The form list has been changed to just show your forms. A new Form Catalogue is available with commonly required form template which you can clone into your list. You can now only select your own forms in mission workflows.

Field App

20 Mar 2023 (1.9.2)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixes for UI issues on the mission details and airspace checker results screens

17 Mar 2023 (Server change)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue preventing Field App users with only the Pilot role form synchronising missions in some situations

7 Mar 2023 (1.9.1)

✨Improvement You can now use the Field App in landscape mode.

17 Feb 2023 (1.8.9)

✨Improvement We've added support for DJI Fly flight log collection via a side-loaded version, including a version for smart controllers

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixes for various login and synchronisation issues.

19 Dec 2022 (1.8.8)

✨Improvement Form validation information is now clear shown on the right hand side

✨Improvement Form control descriptions are available by tapping on the chevron

14 Dec 2022 (1.8.7)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix battery selection issue (IOS Only)

🛠️ Defect Fix Updated form validation and description display (IOS Only)

17 Nov 2022 (1.8.6)

✨Improvement Allow skipping flights which allows pre-mission and post-mission to be done with the Field App, and have all flights captured using flight logs

🛠️ Defect Fix Upgrade app to support Android 12

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix login issues on DJI Smart Controllers