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What improvements, and defect fixes have been released for the FlyFreely Office App and Field App

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Office App

19 February 2024

✨Improvement Historical missions are now called "Retrospective" missions and we've added more mission types to better identify how the mission was created.

🆕New Feature (All plans) The battery set details dialogue will now show a table of which RPA are compatible with them in their current configuration and when they were last flown with that RPA.

✨Improvement We have enhanced how the compatibility of battery sets with RPAs in mission reconciliation is determined. This will better show which battery sets are compatible with a flight's RPA when adding the battery set to that flight, ensuring that sets with an incorrect number of batteries are no longer mistakenly labelled as compatible.

29 January 2024

✨Improvement Cancelled incident reports on missions will now be hidden by default and there is a new "Show cancelled" switch to view them. The switch will only show up if there are cancelled reports on that mission.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug causing the location editor to repeatedly snap back to the default map view in certain cases. This was mainly affecting users in organisations with multiple jurisdictions.

24 January 2024

✨Improvement Airspace authorisation screens now have an added field to show any messages from the authorisation authority.

19 January 2024

✨Improvement The interface for selecting RPAs, equipment, and mission crew during mission planning has been enhanced with a more standardized layout. You can also easily click on any RPA, equipment, or crew member to view their specific details.

12 January 2024

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug causing the maintenance activity screens to not behave correctly for all personnel.

19 December 2023

🆕New Feature (All plans) You can now report problematic flight logs from the flight log analyser screen.

15 December 2023

✨Improvement You can now enter manual flight durations spanning more than an hour in the mission record editor.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug causing the RPA and personnel register tables buttons to not scroll with the rest of the table.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue where the nominated roles screen would fail to load if the user doesn't have access to the personnel lists for every organisation on the authority.

12 December 2023

✨Improvement The maps have been updated to better handle multiple jurisdictions and how they switch between them when more than one jurisdiction is in view.

✨Improvement The airspace checker running in the location editor will now show the time zone used for the airspace check.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue where an RPA's Associated Resources section wouldn't scroll.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug that caused the maintenance schedule triggers to be marked as invalid when entering 0, even though you could still save the schedule and it was actually valid.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue where the map popups wouldn't appear on click but appeared after dragging instead.

5 December 2023

✨Improvement You now have the ability to check the airspace results for a location template and create a mission directly from the template view screen, without having to make any edits to the template itself.

✨Improvement You can now link existing missions to a maintenance activity if they weren't generated using the maintenance flow.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug in the display of flight timer duration and start time in the mission completion screens.

29 November 2023

✨Improvement The location editor now makes it more clear why the save button is disabled and what is still needed for the location to be able to save.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug that was preventing some location templates from being saved.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed the mission planner location editor resetting the workflow to Ex-Cat for missions planned in Australia using other rulesets.

23 November 2023

🆕New Feature (All plans) You can now download all maintenance reports as a .csv file from the maintenance widget.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug that was causing missions with many or large flight logs to display errors on viewing that mission.

20 November 2023

✨Improvement You can now view the temperature and charge level change for all batteries on a flight in the flight log analyser.

14 November 2023

✨Improvement CASA airspace authorisation has been improved to allow better flow and feedback when flying in the new PRD areas. This includes adding an "Airspace" field to indicate how the mission location adheres to PRD restrictions.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug that locked the invite screen and displayed "Working" underneath the email input field, preventing some organisations from inviting new users.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed the mission date editor in the airspace authorisation screen not working correctly.

10 November 2023

🆕New Feature (Teams and Enterprise) Admins for organisations with flight log cloud syncing can now set up automatic mission creation. The settings allow creating parameters for grouping together and automatically creating missions for imported flight logs that don't match any existing missions.

✨Improvement Admins for organisations with multiple subscriptions will now be able to select a subscription when inviting new personnel to better control which subscription's licences to consume.

✨Improvement The organisation subscription settings screen has also been improved to allow switching between active subscriptions when editing subscription details, billing information and licence assignments.

8 November 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug where the flight log RPA assign was applying a broken filter by default, resulting in an empty RPA list.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an error caused by assigning non-RPA maintenance schedules to RPA via the Organisation Admin Resource Maintenance tab. This tab will now only show valid RPA maintenance schedules.

1 November 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug causing the flight log upload screen getting stuck with the logs as "Processing".

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug affecting some users in organisations using shared authorities that prevented the personnel and RPA selection lists from populating correctly, especially when cloning a mission.

26 October 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed the mission list widget nor refreshing after creating a new mission.

20 October 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug preventing maintenance activities from being submitted due to the submit button always being locked.

✨Improvement RPA flight histories will now also include flight logs not yet assigned to a mission. In addition the flight history summary in the flight history screen will show the number of unassigned logs contributing to the craft's history and hours.

17 October 2023

✨Improvement You can now add authorities and roles to your personnel list exports. This will add more columns with roles and relevant authority details like start dates and status.

🆕New Feature (All Plans) Organisation admins can now export an RPA list for the organisation with details for each RPA as well as optional additional columns for selected authorities to show relevant details like start date and status for those authorities

13 October 2023

✨Improvement You can now trial a higher subscription tier if you are an eligible subscriber. Eligible organisations will now have a trial button in their Organisation Admin > Subscriptions & Billing tab, as well as the plan upgrade screen, that will allow you to start a short trial of the indicated higher subscription tier.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an error that would happen when trying to add attachments to an RPA.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an error and resulting blank dropdown list when trying to select an RPA type in some screens.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed intermittent issues with reassigning RPA to flight logs using the "magic wand" button.

10 October 2023

✨Improvement We've reworked resource selection in the office app to show more details for RPA batteries, battery sets and equipment in the selection dropdowns. These dropdowns also now have more in-depth searching, enabling you to search by any details shown for each item and a few more, like searching for a battery set using a serial number for a battery in that set.

✨Improvement The equipment selection in the mission editor now matches the RPA selection, providing more detail and a better experience when adding/managing equipment in a mission plan. This also fixes a broken search  in the dropdown that had crept in over time.

🆕New Feature (Teams and Enterprise) Subscribers on the Teams plan can now assign associated battery sets and equipment to an RPA via the RPA's "Associated Resources" tab. This allows streamlining mission planning and execution by having those assigned resources listed first and easier to add without searching.

🆕New Feature (All Plans) We've added a tool in the flight log list to highlight out of date flight logs that may be reporting the wrong serial number and will need to be reprocessed. After reprocessing the log's RPA will be reassigned and prevent issues with newer flight logs.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed the conformance filter in the flight log list not working.

19 September 2023

✨Improvement Additional authorities on mission workflows are now shown in the mission details screen right below the primary authority.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix error preventing save when updating ASA login details.

14 September 2023

✨Improvement You can now see how many licences are being consumed by invites when viewing the assigned licences in your organisation admin subscriptions tab.

7 September 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Restore fill flights list and report button to personal profile flight history.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix an error when updating flight log alert settings.

4 September 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix error that occurred when changing a person's roles.

🛠️ Defect Fix Restore flight corridors and map points from rendering in some mission reports.

31 August 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug when uploading some KML files with non-hex colour values, causing the import to fail completely.

31 August 2023

✨Improvement Maintenance requests from serviceability signoff now submit on completion of the mission in the Field App

24 August 2023

✨Improvement When you're setting up a form that has a repeating section with the "12-column" layout you now have use of a new "Group with Previous" button which will allow better control over which controls go in which columns and allow grouping dependent/related elements together.

22 August 2023

✨Improvement We've updated the flights section for the mission reconciliation steps (mission record editor). The fields should now display better, be clearer to read, and we've added fields for the take-off and landing position of the flight - along with a handy editor so you can place the points on a map.

✨Improvement Also in the mission reconciliation is a change to the flight log assignment interface which should make flight log management between flights easier by moving the unassigned logs section into the sidebar and re-enabling drag-and-drop functionality.

✨Improvement One last new feature in the mission reconciliation's flights section is a new "Mission Map" button which will show you a map with the planned mission features, as well as each flight on the mission's take-off and landing points, flight log paths and any other flight details on the flight logs, like the home position.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing DJI flight home positions to appear as a generic marker labelled "null". The marker is now a home icon and no longer has the "null" label.

9 August 2023

🆕New Feature (All Plans) You can now view the recent "What's New" announcements from the new "What's New" button that can be accessed from either your notification bar, or your profile menu.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing mission documentation printed from the mission approvals screen to generate blank files with no extension.

4 August 2023

✨Improvement When planning a mission you can now see the register status for RPA and pilots as you add them. These interfaces have also been updated to allow more detail at a glance. Additionally, for pilots, you can also expand their section to view statuses for each RPA on the mission.

✨Improvement You can now change a pilot or RPA register's status between "Inform", which is the current register behaviour, and "Disabled" via the register's "..." menu.

✨Improvement At a glance you can now see which authorities and registers need attention.

31 July 2023

✨Improvement You can now adjust your notification settings in the new "Notifications" tab in your user profile settings. This will allow you to select whether to receive in-app notifications (in the office app's notification's bar) and email notification settings for various events. You can also manage your mailing list settings here.

✨Improvement The mission list widget and mission details screen will now show when a mission is awaiting sync from the field app.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing the flight history bulk uploader to finish prematurely when uploading larger lists of historical flights.

20 July 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug preventing airspace checker and airspace authorisations from showing on missions in New Zealand airspace.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing certain jurisdiction authority layers from being displayed in the location editor map.

17 July 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing historical flights in a person's flight history to hide the delete button. You will now once again be able to delete historical flights from your flight history.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing bad features in valid imported KML files to halt the import without feedback. The importer will now attempt to import any valid features while ignoring invalid, failed and corrupt features if possible and notify how many features were skipped.

27 June 2023

✨Improvement Hovering your mouse over the flight duration for flights with flight logs in the mission details screen will now show the flight's start and end times as a tooltip.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing flight log list to not populate properly for some personnel.

20 June 2023

✨Improvement The flight log list dialogue now has a column for batteries associated with that flight log.

19 June 2023

✨Improvement Your calendar days maintenance schedules will now calculate correctly and be visible in the RPA's maintenance history tab. Note: the purchase date of the RPA will be used as the start date for the maintenance schedule calculations.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing some forms to have trouble printing due to blank number fields.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix visual bug causing the beta feature tag to float to the dialogue header.

8 June 2023

✨Improvement Adding and editing entries to a person's fight history will now open a new dialogue and be easier to use in general.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix personnel and RPA from shared-authority missions not displaying correctly when editing the mission in the primary organisation.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix Drone Deploy and Skydio flight logs not showing the correct "Uploaded By" value in the flight log list.

2 June 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug that had the "add licence" screen indicating annual prices as monthly. This was a labelling bug only and actual billing was not affected.

16 May 2023

✨Improvement Along with the existing register expiries, you can now also see authority expiries, both upcoming and expired, in the authority expiry overview widget.

✨Improvement It is now easier to see register checks with upcoming expiries in the authority register screens.

10 May 2023

✨Improvement You can now add notes to manual register checks.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix acknowledged document checks not showing as acknowledged in person's registers screen.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix RPA authorities not editable.

3 May 2023

✨Improvement You can now add multiple flight logs to an existing mission from the flight log list dialogue. This works similarly to assigning flight logs to historical missions and will allow you to select multiple related flight logs from a list and allow assigning/creating flights for each.

✨Improvement The organisation admin screen has had its side menu simplified.

✨Improvement you will now be able to see a summary of upcoming and passed register condition expiries in the Organisation Admin -> Authorities tab. The authority register buttons will also change colour based on condition expiry dates within the register.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix the jurisdiction selector in the map getting cut off by the end of the toolbar.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix approval conditions duplicating in the condition library list.

19 Apr 2023

✨Improvement The UI around assigning flight logs to flights in missions has been redesigned to improve stability and make things clearer and easier to use.

✨Improvement You can now select a flight to assign a flight log to from right within the "Assign to recommended mission" popup in the flight log list dialogue without needing to assign the log to the mission first.

✨Improvement Download buttons across much of the app have been improved to disable while a download is underway and also show the download progress. This is most apparent in the flight log visualiser.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix various issues surrounding flight log lists changing between screens and rogue logs appearing briefly in missions. Also eliminates cases where you had to save and close a mission for your flight log changes to show.

14 Apr 2023

✨Improvement You can now see expiry dates and the date and time that check conditions were acknowledged from within the pilot and RPA register tables.

✨Improvement Attachments for completed maintenance activities are now no longer missing before finalising the maintenance and attachments can also be added in this step.

✨Improvement When downloading mission reports via the mission widget you can now select which authority to filter missions by from within the download dialogue.

12 Apr 2023

🆕New Feature (All Plans) You can now add manual checks to Pilot and RPA registers. These work similar to register authority checks, except that they are custom actions that are created by the admin and are manually activated from within the register. Actions can be activated and deactivated at will and can have an optional expiration date.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug preventing maintenance schedule names from being changed.

6 Apr 2023

✨Improvement You can now fully utilise "Corridors" in new location templates. Locations can also be set up with only corridors, no longer requiring a flight area for the location to be allowed to save. Additionally the airspace checkers and airspace authorisation screens and flows have been reworked to handle corridors correctly.

🛠️ Defect Fix Various fixes to mission conformance that should resolve most issues, like duplicate breaches and mysterious unlabelled buttons.

3 Apr 2023

✨Improvement It is now possible to update your organisation's name from the "Organisation Details" tab of the "Organisation Admin" dialogue.

✨Improvement Nominated personnel can now be set up with the option to allow them to approve their own missions.

22 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Users with DJI or Skydio flight log collection can now enable or disable flight log collection for an account from within the results list and see your position in the queue after hitting "Collect now".  Collection results and errors should also now be much clearer.

🛠️ Defect Fix Updated terminology, replacing "RPA Model" with "RPA Type"

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug causing incident reports in the incident report widget to never be clickable.

17 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Show the expiry date of a required authority in the register view

16 Mar 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug preventing new maintenance activities from being saved and submitted due to end time always being invalid.

13 Mar 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix The mission editor airspace checker will now use the correct mission time instead of the current system time.

10 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Added support for saving corridors in location templates. You can now create and load new location templates that include corridors. Please note that existing location templates with corridors still may not load correctly and may need to be re-drawn.

✨Improvement The workflow list in the organisation admin panel will now display an inactive status for inactive workflows.

🛠️ Defect Fix Various issues with airspace including the airspace checker not working in all screens and the airspace authorisation screen layout have been resolved.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug where saved times were being overridden to current system time on load. This was most noticeable in the mission editor and mission reconciliation screens.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix bug where an "Operation Forbidden" error would show for some organisation administrators when opening the organisation administrator panel.

6 Mar 2023

✨Improvement Battery assignment when importing flight logs should now happen automatically more often.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix layout overflow issues in the profile settings API keys tab.

2 Mar 2023

✨Improvement When you assign an RPA to a flight log there are now search and filter options for the RPA list table.

🛠️ Defect Fix Archived authorities will no longer show up in the Resource Maintenance panel.

🛠️ Defect Fix Pilot logs have been restored and will now only show flights appropriate to the current organisation.

27 Feb 2023

✨Improvement Organisation administrators are now able to edit and upgrade the organisation subscription from the organisation admin panel.

✨Improvement If you're applying for New Zealand airspace authorisation for a mission with multiple flight areas you will now be able to select which flight area to use in the authorisation application in the application panel.

✨Improvement We've redesigned the personnel list widget to improve its usability and make it easier to change between personnel lists

✨Improvement You can now generate mission reports for only certain authorities and generate reports for shared authorities by changing the selected authority in the mission list widget.

17 Feb 2023

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix KML uploads failing on certain operating systems and browsers.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix flight history uploader not allowing entries with fixed wing RPA models.

31 Jan 2023

✨Improvement Organisation administrators can now download a CSV report of the entire personnel list from the personnel widget.

🛠️ Defect Fix It is no longer possible to send blank messages in the Approval Comms section of the mission window for missions with approvals

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix missing flight notes and objective fields in the flight documentation dialogue in the mission details screen

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix pilot sub roles persisting after removing the pilot role. When removing/deselecting the "Remote Pilot" role from a person, the relative pilot sub-roles will now also be removed/deselected.

19 Jan 2023

✨Improvement You can now share your subscription and licences with a child organisation. This feature is only available to organisations that have resource sharing enabled. This works similarly to sharing authorities and RPA and allows you to specify and manage the amount of your subscription licences to share.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix horizontal scrolling bug & general layout of Resource Management tab in Organisation Admin

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix new mission not appearing in the mission list on the main page after being created in cases where the mission list was empty

17 Jan 2023

✨Improvement You can now specify the default RPA workflow for an RPA category (multi-rotor, helicopter, etc)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix importing answers from a CSV into a repeating form section

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix sending a notification to users when an attachment requiring acknowledgement is updated on an authority

20 Dec 2022

✨Improvement The form list has been changed to just show your forms. A new Form Catalogue is available with commonly required form template which you can clone into your list. You can now only select your own forms in mission workflows.

Field App

19 January 2024 (1.11.6)

🛠️ Defect Fix Missions that are in progress (not ready to fly or completed) will no longer go missing if more than a month old.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue where the app crashed or showed a white screen during missions with in-flight checklists and documentation.

5 January 2024 (1.11.5)

✨Improvement Restored a previous behaviour to better sync draft missions planned on the Field App to the Office App as long as the Field App has a stable internet connection.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue where the app would show a white screen and potentially hang if using a workflow with a mid-flight checklist.

23 November 2023 (1.11.4)

✨Improvement When you search for a location in a supported airspace the field app will now automatically run an airspace check at the search location.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issues with missions planned offline not always using the RPA workflows.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue where adding unlisted equipment would return you to the mission without allowing you to immediately select other equipment.

31 October 2023 (1.11.3)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue where inability to plan missions was always reported as no available workflows regardless of the actual cause.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix spacing issues and inconsistencies when selecting mission resources like RPA and battery sets on iOS.

✨Improvement Improve flows and selection screens for non-electric RPA.

19 October 2023 (1.11.2)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug causing some Field Apps to hang or crash when tapping "Fly Again" during a mission.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue preventing the mission details from rendering in CRP tools.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue where associated and compatible batteries weren't always being highlighted and sorted properly in manual-sync mode.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed an issue causing RPA workflows to not change correctly when selecting RPA types with a type-specific workflow.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixed a bug incorrectly assigning a default battery to non-electric RPA and forcing battery selection when flying with a non-electric RPA.

11 October 2023 (1.11.0)

✨Improvement We've reworked the resource selection interfaces in the field app. Selecting RPA, battery sets and equipment for a mission should now be easier and clearer, especially when selecting multiple RPA when planning a mission. You can also now view more details about a battery set or RPA by tapping its name in the selection screen.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix a rare issue where the battery set list in the pre-flight setup screen might be empty if the app cache has been cleared while the app is on manual sync mode.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix an issue where the side-loaded field app would misreport a new version being available when already running the latest version.

30 August 2023 (1.10.7)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix flight log collection

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix mission sync issues

22 August 2023 (1.10.6)

🛠️ Defect Fix Properly associate mission documentation for missions requiring approval

8 August 2023 (1.10.5)

🎉 New Feature Add upgrade check to side loaded version

✨Improvement Fetch flight logs that are created between flights, to ensure that all flight logs created during the mission are collected. These can be turned into flights at reconciliation

🛠️ Defect Fix Don't fetch mission documentation while in manual sync mode

🛠️ Defect Fix Always show if there is a running mission on the mission list screen

🛠️ Defect Fix Restore the information modal that explains why the Plan Mission button is unavailable

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix error where progress was blocked if you have required attachments/photos

25 July 2023 (1.10.4)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue on iOS preventing missions being completed when manual sync is enabled

12 July 2023 (1.10.3)

✨Improvement Switch to manual-sync mode if there is poor network while flying

🛠️ Defect Fix Debug report upload screen display issues

5 July 2023 (1.10.2)

🛠️ Defect Fix Stuck syncing during mission

4 July 2023 (1.10.1)

✨Improvement Sync all missions for offline execution

1 July 2023 (1.10.0)

🎉 New Feature Manual sync mode, to improve performance for poor connectivity situations (Side menu -> Settings -> Manual Sync)

🎉 New Feature Offline Mission Planning (Teams Plan)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix syncing issues for some offline missions

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix getting stuck in CRP tools

4 Apr 2023 (1.9.4)

✨Improvement You can now see sync icons in individual missions to indicate what hasn't synced yet.

✨Improvement You can now see corridor-type flight areas in mission maps.

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issues with syncing missions in some situations.

23 Mar 2023 (1.9.3)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixes several syncing issues, including "Ready To Fly" missions not syncing properly

🛠️ Defect Fix Offline icons should now display properly

20 Mar 2023 (1.9.2)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixes for UI issues on the mission details and airspace checker results screens

17 Mar 2023 (Server change)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix issue preventing Field App users with only the Pilot role form synchronising missions in some situations

7 Mar 2023 (1.9.1)

✨Improvement You can now use the Field App in landscape mode.

17 Feb 2023 (1.8.9)

✨Improvement We've added support for DJI Fly flight log collection via a side-loaded version, including a version for smart controllers

🛠️ Defect Fix Fixes for various login and synchronisation issues.

19 Dec 2022 (1.8.8)

✨Improvement Form validation information is now clear shown on the right hand side

✨Improvement Form control descriptions are available by tapping on the chevron

14 Dec 2022 (1.8.7)

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix battery selection issue (IOS Only)

🛠️ Defect Fix Updated form validation and description display (IOS Only)

17 Nov 2022 (1.8.6)

✨Improvement Allow skipping flights which allows pre-mission and post-mission to be done with the Field App, and have all flights captured using flight logs

🛠️ Defect Fix Upgrade app to support Android 12

🛠️ Defect Fix Fix login issues on DJI Smart Controllers