Remote pilot accreditation (CASA)

Managing your CASA-issued accreditation in FlyFreely

From January 28, 2021, CASA have stated that all non RePL-holders engaged in commercial RPAS operations will be required to undergo accreditation. For more information about Accreditation, please see the CASA website. To assist you with compliance and record keeping, FlyFreely will handle such accreditations via our authority system, in the same way that RePL holders are currently handled. 

  1. Obtaining your Operator Accreditation
  2. Adding the relevant authority to your Remote Pilot's profile.
  3. Setting up the Remote Pilot Register to show the status of this authority for each pilot.

Once you've set this up, you will have an 'at a glance' view of the accreditation status of each Pilot in your organization.

Step 1: Obtaining Your Accreditation




To qualify for the RPA Operator Accreditation, you need to pass an 18 question multiple-choice exam.

  • Log into the myCASA portal at
  • Browse to the 'RPA Operator Accreditation' option and complete the exam

Note: This exam has an 85% pass mark. If you don't pass the exam, you can retake it immediately. On the successful completion of your accreditation exam, you'll receive an email confirmation along with a completion certificate in your myCASA profile. Download this certificate (PDF)- we'll be uploading it into the FlyFreely Platform in the next step.


Step 2: Adding the Authority

The first step is to add an 'Accreditation' authority to each relevant Remote Pilot in your organization. Scroll to the Personnel widget on the main FlyFreely screen and click on the person you wish to edit. Select the Licenses & Authorities tab, then click on the EDIT button. To narrow down the available authorities, you can select your jurisdiction and display only authorities available for that jurisdiction.


Click the Add RPA Operator Accreditation  button. In the authority details section you'll need to fill out the start and end dates from your Accreditation/ confirmation document. You can also attach a copy of the document for convenient record keeping and easy access. Click SAVE when you've completed this section. The registration authority will now show up in the Licenses & Authorities tab, along with the start and end dates.

Step 3: Setting up the Remote Pilot Register

Now that we've applied the accreditation authority to the Remote Pilot, we need to configure the register so that the accreditation info appears. Select Organization Admin from the profile menu (top-right) and click on Authorities. Select the Remote Pilot Register button under the relevant authority (this will usually be your operators certificate / ReOC or excluded category notification authority). If you haven't yet added your pilots to the register, you can do so now (the details in this register should match those on your schedule 1.

This allows you to generate an updates schedule 1 from the register any time you make changes). To include the accreditation status in the register, click the 'customize' button (3 dots) in the upper-right of the window. In the dropdown that appears, scroll to and select the 'RPA Operator Accreditation' authority and click Add. Click Apply. This will now appear as a new column on the register. You'll now be able to see which Pilots possess the accreditation authority. You can always access the details and accreditation document by clicking on the pilot name and selecting the Licenses & Authorities tab.