Running the field app on the DJI Crystal Sky & Smart Controllers

Manage your missions on the DJI Crystal Sky monitor.

The FlyFreely Field App is compatible with the DJI Crystal Sky monitor. Using the Crystal Sky, Remote Pilots can make use of the full functionality of the app, including:

Before installing the FlyFreely app, it is strongly recommended that you visit the DJI website and install the latest firmware updates for your device. Running older firmware  versions may cause stability issues with FlyFreely, as they also use an old version of the Android OS.

Installing the Field App

Direct Download

The easiest way to install the app on your Crystal Sky (WiFi required) is by using the built in web browser. Paste the following link into the address bar to download the .APK file:

Download Link

Once the file is downloaded, open the downloads folder and run the installation file.

SD Card

The other way to install the app is to download the APK on another computer (using the link above). Once this has been downloaded, you can copy the file to an SD card, which can then be used to transfer the file to the Crystal Sky device.

Once you've copied the file to your Crystal Sky, simply run the file to start the installation.

Using the Field App

Planning Basic Missions

For quick missions that don't require comprehensive mission planning, you can create the mission on the Field App. Click here for instructions.

Managing  Pre-Planned Mission

For missions that have already been planned in the FlyFreely Office App, you can use the field app to guide you through your mission workflow, complete electronic checklists and log your flight time and battery usage.

Completing your missions in the field app.

Flight Logging

FlyFreely supports automatic flight logging on the Crystal Sky. There are several ways to log your flights, depending on your specific needs and workflow. Please see this post for full instructions.

Note that if you don't have an internet connection in the field (on the Crystal Sky device), you will need to sync your flight logs post-mission by connecting to WiFi with the field app open. This will automatically upload your flight logs to the FlyFreely server, making them available in your mission record.