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Why can't other crew see my mission in the field app?

The FlyFreely field app downloads missions on the RPIC's account only.

Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC)

During the mission planning phase (office app), the mission planner must select a person to act as the remote pilot in command (RPIC) for the mission (if planning in the field app, the current user is automatically set as the RPIC).

For Australian operators, the part 101 MOS (manual of standards) defines the RPIC as:

The pilot designated by an RPA operator, in accordance with the operator’s documented practices and procedures, as being in command of the RPA operation and charged with the safe conduct of the operation.

FlyFreely does facilitate the addition of multiple remote pilots on a mission (selected on a per-flight basis on the RPIC's device), but a mission can only have 1 RPIC.

Only the RPIC will be able to see their mission in FlyFreely, regardless of whether other crew have been added to the mission. Likewise, only the RPIC can complete the mission, make the post-mission serviceability declaration and submit the mission for finalisation.

Mission Sync Reliability

Limiting the mission availability to a single account simplifies the syncronising of mission data between the in-field mobile device and the FlyFreely servers. This method eliminates any chance of multiple uploads (eg accidentally uploading duplicate checklists or flight information), which could result in a time consuming reconciliation process or loss of data.

Operational Workarounds

Depending on your requirements, one of the following processes may be suitable for your mission:

  • RPIC Takeover across multiple devices:
    The mission's RPIC can be logged in to multiple mobile devices, and will have the option to 'take ove' from one device to another during the operation. Note that the mission will only be active on one device at any time.
    This might be useful for situations where FlyFreely is running on a smart controller (to log the flights) but needs to be temporarily used on a seperate device to run through checklist/s
  • Parallel missions: 
    If your team will be running multiple pilots/RPAs on a site, consider whether splitting the operation into several missions makes sense. Each mission will need to have it's own RPIC but both can then be run simultaneously in FlyFreely with no conflicts.