How to add a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA)

Add and manage RPAs on your account

Before you can start flying missions through the FlyFreely platform, you'll need to have one or more RPAs in the system. 

Add a New RPA

Add an RPA by clicking the Add [+] button on the RPA widget (Check the RPA checkbox in the Left Nav Bar if you can't see the RPA widget).

This brings up the Add RPA dialogue. Fill in as much detail as you can (for tips on locating your RPA's serial number, click here).


The RPA Name/Designation can be anything that helps you identify the craft. Select the RPA Model from the dropdown list. Most of the commonly used craft are already in the list. If you can't see your model of RPA here - please contact us and we'll create it for you. Choosing a craft from the list makes a variety of documents available in the app, including manufacturer's specifications and manuals.

Click the Add button to add the RPA to the list and return to the RPA widget. Your newly added RPA will now appear in the RPA list.

View and Edit an RPA

You can view and edit the RPA details by selecting it in the RPA widget list. This opens a View/Edit RPA dialogue.


The View/Edit RPA dialogue also shows a number of tabs.

  • Flight & Maintenance History: This tab displays the flight history (for missions planned on the FlyFreely platform) and details of any maintenance actions taken on the RPA.
  • Authorities and Registrations: Here you can view any required registration/s for the individual RPAS.
  • Manuals and Documentation: This is where you can find the official documentation for your RPA type, including user guides and maintenance manuals.

You can close this dialogue by clicking the Close [x] button.