Completing your mission without the field app

If you can't use the FlyFreely field app, you can still use the software to maintain accurate records.

For customers who wish to use the FlyFreely Office App in conjunction with a paper-based 'in field' workflow, the process will look like the following:

  • Plan mission in the office app
  • Print documents for field validation
  • Conduct mission using printed documents and checklists
  • Scan documents and upload into mission attachments
  • Enter flight logs / batteries and complete mission
  • CRP check flight records and finalize mission

This article will walk through the above steps to show how this process works.

Plan Mission

The first step is to plan your mission in the FlyFreely office app. You can see more information on planning your mission in this article.

Print Validation Documents

This step will depend on your workflow, but as part of your planning, you will likely have completed some kind of Job Safety Assessment or Risk Assessment/s. You can export these completed forms as a .PDF file, which can then be printed and taken into the field for reference and field validation. There are 2 methods to export/print these documents:


The easiest way to print multiple forms is via the print menu at the bottom of the mission planning screen. Select Field Validated Documents to produce a print-ready copy of all mission forms.


You can also print these forms individually, simply by clicking on the Print link next to the document.

Using either method, your documents will be exported as .PDF files and will appear in your downloads folder. You can then print the documents and take them into the field, along with your existing checklists.

Conduct Mission

In conjunction with your existing mission checklists, the printed documents will allow you to keep the correct records of your operation - don't forget to bring a pen!

Scan Documents and Import

As part of your post-mission process, you will need to scan your paper checklists to get them into a digital format. You can import virtually any file type into FlyFreely - common formats are JPG and PDF files. Once you've scanned your forms, open your mission in the FlyFreely office app and add them as attachments. Scroll to the Mission Attachments section - you can either browse for your files or simply drag them onto the button from another window:


Enter flight Logs & Finalise

You will need to manually enter your flight logs, including RPA and battery information for each flight.

Open the relevant mission from the dashboard – this will open the mission details dialogue. Click Create Mission Record to begin.

The first section of the Finish Mission dialog related to general mission details. Mark your mission as ‘Completed’, ‘Partially completed’ or ‘Incomplete’ and enter any relevant details.

Next, enter the start and finish times for your mission (this is total time on site, not individual flights). The Journal area is for any general mission notes you might have.

Once you’ve completed these basic details, scroll down the page to the Flights section. This is where you will transfer your flight details into FlyFreely to create a permanent record. You can add flights by clicking either of the buttons shown below. Enter the full details for each flight, including the individual flight time (this time will be logged against the selected battery/s, the selected RPA and the Remote Pilot). You can also upload any relevant documentation (for example if you have additional hand-written notes from the mission) that you’d like to add to the mission record.

Submitting for Finalisation

When you are satisfied that everything is present and correct, press Submit for Finalisation.

This action will notify the Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) that the mission is ready to be finalised. The CRP will check the details to make sure that all requirements have been met and that everything looks correct, before finalising the mission. Once finalised, the mission will be ‘read only’ and no further edits can be made.

Please note: By pressing Submit for Finalisation, the Remote pilot is signing off on the mission record (in the same way that they’d physically sign a paper record). By pressing Finalise Mission, the CRP is countersigning the mission record.