How to add personnel

Adding users and assigning roles in FlyFreely

Before you can start planning missions in the FlyFreely app, you need to add personnel and assign them roles (eg Remote Pilot, Planner etc). For more information on the various user roles, click here.

In the FlyFreely platform, the term Personnel refers to any user of the software. This might include Remote Pilots, other crew (observers or assistants), administrators and anyone else in your organisation who needs access to the system.

Adding Personnel

Add personnel, including remote pilots, by clicking the Add button (⊕) on the Personnel widget. (Check the Personnel checkbox in the Left Nav Bar if you can’t see the Personnel widget.)

This opens the Add Personnel dialogue

Complete the required information (indicated by the red icons) as well as the user’s phone number and ARN as needed.

Check the Send Notification checkbox if you’ d like the new user to receive a notification (by email) about their new account. You can specify more than one role for a person – for example, your Organisation Administrator might also be a Remote Pilot, and a Remote Pilot might also be a maintenance person.

Once you’ve finished selecting the user’s role/s, click Create to save the new user.

If you new user has the Remote Pilot role specified, they will now be available in the ‘Remote Pilot in Command’ and ‘Crew’ sections of the Mission Planning dialogue.

For more information on the various user roles, click here.