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Understanding user roles

Information on the different roles and permissions users can have in FlyFreely

In the FlyFreely platform, the roles assigned to a user determine which parts of the application are visible to them and which actions they can perform. A good way to think about user roles is that each role is associated with the relevant permissions needed to fulfill it. A single user can have multiple roles in an organisation, and multiple users can have the same role.

User Roles

Here is an overview of the different role types in the FlyFreely platform:

  • Planner – This user type can plan missions. Note that unless the user also has the Pilot role, they won’t be able to perform the mission themselves (only users with one of the pilot roles will be available in the mission planning widget).
  • Organisation Administrator – This user can also plan missions, but can also add and modify personnel, RPAs and batteries. In addition, Administrators can access the Organisation Admin section in the FlyFreely office app, where they can modify and create authorities, workflows and forms.
  • Remote Pilot – This user will be available as a pilot in the mission planning widget (able to fly missions). Note that this role does not allow the user to plan missions themselves.
  • Pilot Planner – This role combines the Planner and Remote Pilot roles. The user is able to perform initial planning in addition to flying missions, but can’t submit missions for approval.
  • Pilot Submitter – Similar to Pilot Planner, except that this role can also submit mission plans for approval.
  • Pilot Crew Planner – Similar to the Pilot Planner role, except that this user can also resource additional crew members for their missions.
  • Chief Remote Pilot – The organisation’s CRP. This role is able to approve missions submitted by others.
  • Maintenance Controller – This user is responsible for managing and assigning maintenance tasks to any user with the maintenance person role. In a small organisation, this is often the Chief Remote Pilot.
  • Maintenance Person – This user can perform maintenance tasks on RPAs and other equipment, as assigned to them by the maintenance controller.

Creating New Users

To see the process for creating new users on the platform, see Adding Personnel