How to fix "Platform Setup Required" Messages

New users may encounter this error message when logging into the field app for the first time.

NOTE: This message is commonly seen when users are accidently viewing their personal organisation instead of their company. If your personal name is displayed at the top of the screen, you are viewing your personal organisation. Try pressing the menu icon (top right), selecting switch organisation and choosing your company organisation instead)

In order to successfully complete a mission in the FlyFreely field app, your account needs to be set up with at least the following items:

  • One or more RPAs (must be a 'real' RPA, not a dummy.)
  • At least one workflow (all new accounts will have a workflow by default)

If you log into the field app without having added the above items to your account, you will see the following message:


In order to proceed, you will need to log into the FlyFreely office app and complete this setup item.

For more information on adding an RPA, see this article.

Once you have at least one RPA, you can return to the field app log out and back in.

The error message should now be replaced with a 'New Mission' button.