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How to Manage Licences

This article explains how to manage your licences in FlyFreely as an organisation administrator

This article will cover:

What is a licence?

How to update your organisation's licence count

Managing licences - assigning and unassigning

What is a Licence?

In FlyFreely, a licence is associated with a remote pilot. For example, if your organisation has 5 remote pilots, you would have 5 licences (1 licence per remote pilot). To explore the plans available, see Pricing.

Users who are not remote pilots (will not be executing missions via FlyFreely) can be added for free. Only remote pilot users will consume a paid software license.

How to Update Your Organisation's License Count

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Not all customers can manage their licence count.

If your organisation was signed up by our sales teams (and pays via invoice),  please contact us to make changes. 


Customers who pay with a credit card can self manage their licences and subscripton.

Below is a quick video to help guide you as well as a step by step guide. 


1. Click on Organisation Admin from your profile.

2. Click on Subscriptions & Billing on the left hand panel to view your subscription.

Here you will see the total number of licences you have, assigned, invited, shared, and the remaining number of licences you have available to assign.

3. Click Update Licence Count

4. Update your licence count by clicking the add or subtract icon, then click Purchase.

Managing licences - assigning and unassigning

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Because only Remote Pilots consume software licenses, the easiest way to manage these is via the Personnel tab on the Manage dashboard.

  1. Click on the person you'd like to manage
  2. Click EDIT in the bottom-right
  3. In the user roles section, the number of available licences will be displayed:

4. To make the person a remote pilot, simply click the relevant check-box. The available licence count will update accordingly:

For more information on user roles, please see this article.