How to update your personal profile

Set up your user profile in FlyFreely, including basic info, licenses and flight history.

Every FlyFreely user has a user profile. Your profile contains basic information such as phone number, ARN (Aviation Reference Number) and address, as well as any authorities you hold. This is also where you can find your personal flight log.

User Profile Information

To view or edit your profile, select 'Profile' from the top menu.

Your Details

The first of the 3 sections is 'Your Details'. The top part of this section contains your basic contact information and ARN. You can edit any of this information by clicking 'Update Details' under the relevant field. You can also change your password here.

Underneath this you'll see any organisation you're a member of. Selecting an organisation as your 'default organisation' will automatically open that organisation each time you log in to the platform (you can change organisation using the dropdown selection under the company logo on the FlyFreely dashboard). You can also select which organisations can manage your profile. This includes bring able to add authorities (for example, company-specific inductions or other training conducted through the organisation). If checked, administrators for the organisation will also be able to edit your profile information.

ASA Details (Australia only)

Entering your ASA details (AirServices Australia) allows you to access NOTAMs directly from the mission planning screen. If you don't already have an ASA login, you'll need to sign up via the NAIPS website.

Once you have an account, simply input your username and password into your FlyFreely profile.


The 'authorities' section is where you can view, edit and add relevant licenses and other authorities to your profile. For more information on adding authorities, click here.

Note: Your authorities are visible to relevant members of any organisations you're part of. Flight logs and personal authorities can be viewed by organisation administrators and the Chief Remote Pilot, and Remote Pilots with the 'Pilot Crew Planner' role enabled can also view authorities.

Flight History & Log Book

This section contains a record of any flights you've completed on the FlyFreely platform, and any manual entries you make. If you fly for multiple organisations (or a combination of commercial organisations and personal flying), they will all be included here in your flight history, creating a digital logbook. You can generate a printable copy of your flight log by clicking the 'Reports' button and selecting 'Remote Pilot Log'.


If you wish to add flights manually (for example - flights undertaken prior to using the FlyFreely platform, or recreational flying that wasn't logged through the system) you can do so by clicking the button above the list. You can either enter your flights individually or together (where multiple flights have been conducted at the same time / place). There are several fields to fill out:


  • RPA Model - Select the model of RPA used for this flight/s.
  • RPA Type - This field is auto-populated based on your RPA Model selection.
  • MTOW - This field is auto-populated based on your RPA Model selection.
  • Line of Sight - Most flights will be VLOS unless special permission was obtained to operate under EVLOS or BVLOS conditions.
  • Location name - Enter the place that your flight/s took place.
  • Date - The date of the flight/s.
  • Number of Flights - If your mission consisted of multiple flights, you can specify how many here.
  • Flight Time - Total cumulative time for this mission (eg if you made two 10-minute flights, this will be 20m)
  • Time of Day - Specify whether the flight/s were conducted during day or night time.

Once you filled in all fields, click the tick button to save your flight/s. This will add the flight/s to the flight log and update the totals at the top of the Flight History.