How to approve a mission (CRP / SRP)

FlyFreely allows full control of mission approvals, based on authority requirements

For authorities that require an approval, the mission planner must submit their mission to the approver. Once a mission has been submitted, it's status changes to submitted and it won't become available to fly until approved by the CRP / SRP in either the office app or field app.

For instructions on setting up Senior Remote Pilots (SRP) in FlyFreely, please see this article.

Approvers will recieve a notification of the submitted mission/s, both in the notifications bar and via email. 

Approving via the Office App

The mission can be access either from the dashboard mission list, or via the mission name in the notification.

Once the mission is open, you will have the option to Perform Approval in the bottom-right corner of the mission details screen.

This brings up the approval screen. From here you can review the mission plan, including any completed forms (JSA etc) and check the location and airspace information.

Clicking on any link will display the details of that item. 

The approval comms panel at the top of the screen allows for 2 way communication between the submitter and the approver. 

Each party will be notified when they recieve a new message and can respond via the app. All approval comms are added to the mission record. 

It's possible to set up an 'Approver checklist' to ensure that all relevant checks are being undertaken. See our article for more information.

Approve / Reject / Lock Request

The approver has 3 main options:

  • Approve the mission
  • Reject the mission
  • Lock the mission


This will send the mission to 'Ready to Fly' status. The mission will then become available for execution in the field app by the Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) listed on the mission.


The mission will revert to 'draft' status, and is available for editing by the submitter. The mission can be resubmitted for approval at any time.


This option places a lock on the mission so it cannot be edited. The mission status remains 'Submitted' until the approver unlocks the mission to either approve or reject it.